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Thursday, 19 April 2012

When renting pulls the rug under your feet - literally!

I am not ashamed to admit we rent. It used to be seen as dead money but not anymore especially in the current economical climate. Mr Frugal Witch and I have already been victims of the economy twice in the past five years a mortgage just isn't worth the risk.

Equally, renting comes with it's own set of issues, unscrupulous landlords, rent that goes up every year but the BIGGEST issue is one that we are currently facing... We've been renting the cottage off an opera singer for the past two years. Very nice lady, had no problems whatsoever.

So, imagine the shock and horror that consumed me when I collected my post yesterday and there waiting for me was... An eviction notice *Dun* *Dun*  *Dun*!!!



It is with regret that we are serving you with two months notice from the 19th April.. The owner's personal situation has suddenly changed meaning she now requires the house back. Blah blah, blah, blah blah.

Love and kisses*,
Your estate agent"

*No actual love and kisses, more like GET OWT OFF YOUR HAUS NOW (if Arnold Schwarzenegger actually served us the papers).

My first and foremost reaction to anything bad happen is to either assume it's cancer or death or both. Seeing as a house obviously can't get cancer, I curled up into a ball and cried with thoughts of impending doom and despair and planning a layout of my new cardboard box home. Were we bad tenants? Absolutely not! Our landlady got evicted from her home so she needs her house back. I'm sad that she got evicted because she seemed to love her life as a big time singer, but I'm glad to hear that this eviction isn't our fault and that she and the estate agents will provide us with sound references.

While I was curled up in a ball weeping into my cats face, Mr Frugal Witch put on his white knight armour, brought me a fennel tea, offered a few "there, there's" and went out to speak to several of our landlord friends... None of whom had any houses going.


Well what do ya do? Do you stick your head in the sand and pray that a house comes your way? No! Because that will never work. Every day is now a race against the clock, a race to find somewhere to live asap.

First of all, if you're already with an estate agent get them to send you properties as close to your current property as you can on the day you've found out you're getting evicted and make viewing appointments even if you don't like the houses. Since finding out we're getting evicted we've already had one viewing which we we were all set to put a deposit on, but someone beat us to it the day before the eviction notice which left us feeling depressed but not to worry, the house was filthy and the vomit green carpets wouldn't compliment my gorgeous cream rug, not to mention the kitchen had one worksurface which held two plates and nothing more.

Keep optimistic

I can't stress this enough. It's a kick in the teeth for sure when you don't get a house. I honestly thought, with the way things had gone yesterday, we'd be inbetween homes by now. Don't get a house? Focus on all the things you hated about that house and why it isn't suitable.

View, view view

You're not exactly in a position to pick and choose, especially if the eviction wasn't expected. But, the sooner you start to view, the sooner you can get a sense of what's available in your price range and room to hold out for a better property. On the day after being served an eviction, we've got 3 viewings lined up on Monday. Two of which we really are not thrilled upon. One is storage heated and because I am a cold blooded little thing I'd be freezing and, as I work from home, I don't want to spend 6 months in a freezing home AND a freezing office. The other place is a flat above a hairdressers. *Deep sigh*  But, we are also viewing another cottage on Monday, which seems more appropriate for a young married couple with a couple of kitties.

Keep work in the know about your situation

Don't suffer in silence. Let your boss know your situation, they may offer a few compassionate leave hours here and there to view properties.

Get in touch with your local housing authority

When eviction is sudden, it can be difficult if not impossible to have a month's rent in advance along with a deposit. Now is the time to act. Local councils and housing authorities can often provide bond money to people who are facing homelessness and even find temporary accomodation. As an ex employee of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, it can be worthwhile to visit them as they can also help find temporary accomodation and even bond money. But, if the CAB is as swamped with cases like they were when I worked there, it could potentially take 3 months for them to see you.

Remember, it's a temporary solution to a temporary problem

Even if you have to live in a flat with one bedroom, even if you have to move away from the area. it's temporary you can always move back when a better house presents its self.

Cry, giggle and eat pizza in bed with your husband/wife/girlfriend/cat

Because it helps!

And lastly...

Think of the potential that you can help your new house reach with!

*I'll be back at some pont this week to resume my etsy picks, I'm just too sad right now. But I will post pictures of what we managed to complete in this house.

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